Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

health, Lucky Cat Maneki Neko Good Fortune Glass Pendant Necklace



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Bring drawinghome drawinga drawinglittle drawingluck! drawingThe drawingclassic drawingmaneki-neko, drawingwith drawingpaw drawingup drawingand drawinga drawingbig drawinggrin, drawingon drawingthis drawingclassic drawingpendant drawingnecklace! drawingPrint drawingis drawinghand-screened drawingonto drawingUV drawingresistant drawingpaper, drawingand drawingsealed drawingunder drawingglass, drawingthen drawingmounted drawingin drawinga drawingshiny drawingsilver drawingtone drawingpendant drawingframe. drawingHangs drawingfrom drawingan drawingincluded drawing20" drawingmatching drawingchain.Pendant drawingmeasures drawing1" drawingacross, drawingand drawing1 drawing1/2" drawinglong, drawingincluding drawingbail drawingloop. drawingFrame drawingand drawingchain drawingare drawingdurable drawingmetal.Good drawingluck drawingto drawingyou drawingand drawingyours!

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