Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, Summertime Ice Cream Cone Pink Pony Bubble Glass Pendant Necklace



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Even kawaiipink kawaiiponies kawaiilike kawaiistrawberry kawaiiice kawaiicream kawaiicones! kawaiiThis kawaiiclassic kawaiipendant kawaiinecklace kawaiifeatures kawaiia kawaiisuper kawaiicute kawaiipony kawaiibuddy, kawaiicooling kawaiidown kawaiiwith kawaiia kawaiilick!Print kawaiiis kawaiihand-screened kawaiionto kawaiiUV kawaiiresistant kawaiipaper, kawaiiand kawaiisealed kawaiiunder kawaiiglass, kawaiithen kawaiimounted kawaiiin kawaiia kawaiiblack kawaiipendant kawaiiframe. kawaiiHangs kawaiifrom kawaiian kawaiiincluded kawaii20" kawaiimatching kawaiichain.Pendant kawaiimeasures kawaii1" kawaiiacross, kawaiiand kawaii1 kawaii1/2" kawaiilong, kawaiiincluding kawaiibail kawaiiloop. kawaiiFrame kawaiiand kawaiichain kawaiiare kawaiidurable kawaiimetal.

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