Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kitsch, Anatomical Hand Muscles and Tendons Vintage Anatomy Book Illustration Glass Pendant Necklace



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A creepyvintage creepyanatomical creepyhand creepyillustration, creepywith creepyfocus creepyon creepythe creepytendons, creepyligaments, creepyand creepymuscles, creepyis creepyfeatured creepyon creepythis creepyspooky creepyyet creepyclassic creepypendant creepynecklace! creepyPrint creepyis creepyhand-screened creepyonto creepyUV creepyresistant creepyglossy creepypaper, creepyand creepysealed creepyunder creepyglass, creepythen creepymounted creepyin creepya creepybrushed creepygold creepytone creepyframe. creepyHangs creepyfrom creepyan creepyincluded creepy20" creepymatching creepychain.Pendant creepymeasures creepy1" creepyacross, creepyand creepy1 creepy1/2" creepylong, creepyincluding creepybail creepyloop. creepyFrame creepyand creepychain creepyare creepydurable creepymetal.

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