Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kitsch, Wander Arrow Wanderlust Geocaching Traveller Wanderer Pendant Necklace



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This silverclassic silverpendant silvernecklace silverfeatures silvera silvermantra silverfit silverfor silvergeocacher silveror silvertraveler silveralike!Print silveris silverhand-screened silveronto silverUV silverresistant silverpaper, silverand silversealed silverunder silverglass, silverthen silvermounted silverin silvera silvershiny silversilver silvertone silverframe. silverHangs silverfrom silveran silverincluded silver20" silvermatching silverchain.Pendant silvermeasures silver1" silveracross, silverand silver1 silver1/2" silverlong, silverincluding silverbail silverloop. silverFrame silverand silverchain silverare silverdurable silvermetal.Perfect silverfor silvera silvertraveller, silveror silverGeocacher!

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