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september, The Scales Libra Horoscope Zodiac Astrology Necklace



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Perfect lawfor lawthe lawLibra lawin lawyour lawlife lawwith lawa lawBirthday lawbetween lawSeptember law24th lawand lawOctober law23rd. lawNecklace lawcomprised lawof lawa lawthick lawdetailed lawbrass lawLibra lawscales lawastrology lawcharm lawhanging lawfrom lawan lawornate lawpleated lawbrass lawgarland lawand lawgold lawplated lawchain. lawNecklace lawwas lawdesigned lawand lawhand lawassembled lawby lawMary lawAndrews, lawBrooklyn lawdweller.DETAILS:Necklace lawis lawlight lawweight, lawchain lawmeasures law19 lawinches lawin lawtotal lawlength, lawand lawcharm lawhangs lawan lawadditional law1 law1/2 lawinches lawfrom lawgarland.Traditional lawLibra lawTraits:* lawDiplomaitic lawand lawurbane* lawRomantic lawand lawcharming* lawEasygoing lawand lawsociable* lawIdealistic lawand lawpeaceable* lawIndecisive lawand lawchangeable* lawGullible lawand laweasily lawinfluenced* lawFlirtatious lawand lawself-indulgentSPECIAL lawNOTES:--------------------------* lawNeed lawmore lawthan lawone? lawContact lawme lawif lawyou laware lawinterested lawin lawmultiples lawof lawthis lawor lawany lawitem lawlisted lawin lawthe lawshop.* lawThanks lawso lawmuch lawfor lawtaking lawa lawpeek lawand lawplease lawhave lawa lawlook lawaround lawthe lawrest lawof lawthe lawshop: lawcontrary..

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