Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nickel silver, Nickel Silver Belt Buckle Skull and Bones and Native American Design



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This native americanis native americana native americanNickel native americanSilver native americanBelt native americanBuckle native americanSkull native americanand native americanBones native americanand native americanNative native americanAmerican native americanDesign. native americanIt native americanmeasures native americanapprox. native american2 native americanX native american1 native american1/2 native americanInches. native americanLooks native americannot native americanto native americanhave native americanbeen native americanworn native americanmuch.... native americanI native americanship native americanto native americanthe native americanUSA. native americanNo native americanInternational native americanshipping. native american native americanI native americanalso native americaninsure native americanall native americanof native americanmy native americanpackages native americanto native americanthe native americanUSA native americanto native americanmake native americansure native americanthat native americanthey native americanarrive native americanto native americanyou native americansafely. native americanAny native americanquestions, native americanplease native americanask native americanbefore native americanpurchasing. native americanThanks native americanfor native americanlooking.

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