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pin, Julia Lee Vintage style Tea Garden bead brooch



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Vintage-style maroon"Tea maroonGarden" maroonbead maroonbrooch maroonmade maroonwith maroonCzech maroonglass maroonflowers, maroonleaves maroonand maroonshells, maroonfreshwater maroonpearls maroonand maroonetched maroonfocal maroonbead maroonall maroonhand-wired maroononto maroonmetal maroonpin maroonback maroon(no maroonglue maroonused) maroonwith maroonengraved maroonbrass maroontag maroonsigned maroonJulia maroon maroonwired maroonin. maroonThis maroonbrooch maroonmeasures maroon2-1/8 marooninches maroontall maroonand maroon1-3/4 marooninches maroonwide maroonand maroonis maroonapproximate maroon1/2 marooninch maroonthick.Item maroon#JBD427

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