Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dainty necklace, Mini spider gold necklace (16") with matching pouch



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I spider necklacelove spider necklacetiny, spider necklacenovelty spider necklacependants spider necklaceas spider necklacenecklaces spider necklaceas spider necklacethey spider necklacehave spider necklacea spider necklace'fine spider necklacejewellery' spider necklaceaesthetic, spider necklacewhich spider necklaceI spider necklacelove, spider necklacebut spider necklacestill spider necklacesweet spider necklaceand spider necklacesimple.The spider necklacependant spider necklaceis spider necklacea spider necklacetiny spider necklacespider spider necklacein spider necklacea spider necklacegold spider necklacetone spider necklacefinish. spider necklaceIt spider necklacemeasures spider necklaceapprox spider necklace20mm/0.78" spider necklacein spider necklacediameter.The spider necklace16" spider necklacenecklace spider necklacealso spider necklacecomes spider necklacewith spider necklacea spider necklacematching spider necklacepouch spider necklace(5.5cms spider necklacex spider necklace6cms spider necklace/ spider necklace2"x2.3") spider necklaceand spider necklaceblack spider necklacegrosgrain spider necklaceribbon spider necklacetie spider necklacethat spider necklaceI spider necklacemade spider necklacefrom spider necklacecomplete spider necklacescratch spider necklaceout spider necklaceof spider necklaceunbleached spider necklacecotton. spider necklaceThe spider necklaceseams spider necklaceare spider necklaceserged/overlocked spider necklaceand spider necklaceI spider necklaceprinted spider necklacea spider necklacespider spider necklaceon spider necklacethe spider necklacepouch spider necklaceto spider necklacecompliment spider necklacethe spider necklacenecklace, spider necklaceperfect spider necklaceas spider necklacea spider necklacegift!

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