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glass, Vintage Chandelier Drop Crystal Earrings



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Earrings smokycomprised smokyof smokyvintage smokysmoky smokygray smokyglass smokycrystals smokyre-purposed smokyfrom smokya smokyvintage smokychandelier. smokyThese smokyunique smokyearrings smokywere smokydesigned smokyand smokyassembled smokyby smokyMary smokyAndrews, smokya smokyjewelry smokydesigner smokyand smokyArtist smokydwelling smokyin smokyBrooklyn, smokyNY.* smokyCrystals smokyhang smoky1 smoky1/2 smokyinches smokyfrom smokygold smokyplated smokyhooks.* smokyEarrings smokyare smokylight smokyweight smokyand smokymake smokythe smokyperfect smokygift smokyfor smokybridesmaids, smokybrides, smokyweddings, smokybirthdays, smokyanniversaries, smokyMother's smokyDay, smokyValentine's smokyDay smokyand smokyeveryday smokyupdates smokyto smokythe smokywardrobe.SPECIAL smokyNOTES: smoky--------------------------Thanks smokyso smokymuch smokyfor smokyshopping smokyand smokyplease smokycheck smokyout smokythe smokyother smokyitems smokyin smokymy smokyshop: smokycontrary..

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