Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Snowflake Obsidian and Black Druzy Agate geode slice Pendant in Sterling Silvernecklace,Brass by Cathleen McLain McLainjewelry



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The silvergorgeous silver silveragate silvergeode silverslice silver silveris silveraccompanied silverby silvera silversnowflake silverobsidian silvercab silverset silverin silvera silversterling silverbezel. silver silver silver silverThe silverhighly silvertextured silversurface silveris silveraccented silverwith silvera silverpatina silverfinish silverthat silverflashes silverhues silverof silverantique silversilver silverto silverbronze silver. silverThe silverpin silveris silverlacquered silverfor silverpermanence.All silverpins silverare silversigned silverby silverthe silverartist. silverThey silverarrive silverpinned silverto silveran silverinformative silverpresentation silvercard silverand silvercome silverwith silvertheir silverown silversignature silvergift silverbox.

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