Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Crescent Moon and Vines Pendant with crystals necklacemoon necklace, Hand sculpted clay moon with crystalsmoon necklace, Crescent Moon necklace with vines + crystals



In stock



Crescent moon jewelrymoon moon jewelrypendant moon jewelryhand moon jewelrysculpted moon jewelryand moon jewelrypainted moon jewelryof moon jewelrypolymer moon jewelryclay moon jewelrywith moon jewelrydark moon jewelrybrown moon jewelryvines moon jewelryand moon jewelryleaves moon jewelrycascading moon jewelrydown moon jewelryand moon jewelrysparkling moon jewelrycrystals moon jewelryembedded moon jewelrythroughout. moon jewelry moon jewelryThe moon jewelrypendant moon jewelryis moon jewelryhung moon jewelryfrom moon jewelrya moon jewelryfaux moon jewelrysuede moon jewelrycord moon jewelrythat moon jewelrycan moon jewelrybe moon jewelrytied moon jewelryto moon jewelrythe moon jewelrylength moon jewelryof moon jewelryyour moon jewelrychoosing, moon jewelryfrom moon jewelryshort, moon jewelrymedium moon jewelryto moon jewelrylong. moon jewelry moon jewelryA moon jewelrymagical moon jewelryand moon jewelrycharming moon jewelrynecklace!The moon jewelrypendant moon jewelryis moon jewelryabout moon jewelry3 moon jewelry" moon jewelrylong moon jewelryand moon jewelry2" moon jewelrywide. moon jewelryThe moon jewelrypendant moon jewelryhas moon jewelrya moon jewelrybit moon jewelryof moon jewelrygive moon jewelryto moon jewelryit, moon jewelrybut moon jewelryplease moon jewelrytreat moon jewelryit moon jewelrygently. moon jewelry--------------------------------Handcrafted moon jewelryin moon jewelrythe moon jewelryUSA moon jewelryby moon jewelryme!Thank moon jewelryyou moon jewelryfor moon jewelrylooking moon jewelryat moon jewelrymy moon jewelryshop, moon jewelryhave moon jewelrya moon jewelrygreat moon jewelryday moon jewelryand moon jewelrycome moon jewelryback moon jewelryagain moon jewelrysoon moon jewelryto moon jewelrysee moon jewelrymy moon jewelrynew moon jewelrylistings! moon jewelryDesigned, moon jewelryhandmade moon jewelryand moon jewelryphotographed moon jewelryby moon jewelrySilvaris moon jewelryRose.\u00a92019 moon jewelrySilvaris moon jewelryRose moon jewelryPlease moon jewelrybookmark moon jewelrymy moon jewelryhome moon jewelrypage moon jewelryand moon jewelrycome moon jewelryback moon jewelryoften:http://www./shop/Silvarisrose

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