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cuff, Sterling Silver Corrugated Anticlastic Cuff Bracelet



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A silver25mm silverwide silvercorrugated silverSterling silverSilver silveranticlastic silvercuff silverbracelet. silver silverHallmarked silverat silverthe silverLondon silverAssay silverOffice silverwith silverthe silverfull silvertraditional silvermarks silver(so silvermine, silverthe silverdate silvercode, silverthe silverassay silverhall, silverthe silvertraditional silvermark silverfor silversterling silversilver silverand silverthe silvermillesimal silverfineness).Approximately silver70mm silveracross, silver50mm silverhigh silverand silverweighs silveraround silver20g. silver silverCuff silveropening silveris silver225mm, silverbut silverthis silverone silverwill silverflex silvera silverbit. silver silverSupplied silverin silvera silverleatherette silverbox.

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