Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ooak pendant, Larimar Jellyfish Pendant Sterling Wrapped OOAK Artisan Created



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Larimar green pendantJellyfish green pendantPendant green pendantSterling green pendantWrapped green pendantOOAK green pendantArtisan green pendantCreatedThis green pendantbaby green pendantis green pendantdefinitely green pendantOOAK. green pendantI green pendantcreated green pendantit green pendantfrom green pendantthis green pendantamazing green pendantlarimar green pendantcabochon, green pendantsterling green pendantwire, green pendantand green pendantlarimar green pendantbeads. green pendantShe green pendantlooks green pendantlike green pendantshe green pendantis green pendantfloating green pendantalong green pendantin green pendantthe green pendantocean. green pendantThis green pendantis green pendantnot green pendanta green pendantpendant green pendantthat green pendantwill green pendanthide, green pendantat green pendantjust green pendantunder green pendant4 green pendantinches green pendantlong green pendantfrom green pendantthe green pendanttop green pendantof green pendantthe green pendantbail, green pendantand green pendantone green pendantinch green pendantwide.

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