Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Flower Jade Pendant gems cabochons, Monet Painting gems cabochons, Hand-Cut in Oregon gems cabochons, Green Pastel Slice



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Roughly crystal3mm crystalthick, crystalthis crystalbeautiful crystalnatural crystalslice crystalof crystalflower crystaljade crystalis crystaldrilled crystaland crystalpolished crystalsmooth, crystalready crystalto crystaladd crystalto crystala crystalcord crystalor crystalwire-wrap crystalinto crystala crystalnecklace. crystalThe crystalhole crystalis crystal2mm crystaland crystalchamfered crystalto crystaleliminate crystala crystalsharp crystaledge. crystal1 crystal\u215c" crystalacross crystalat crystalthe crystalwidest crystalpoint, crystalabout crystal1 crystal\u00bd" crystaltop crystalto crystalbottom.Flower crystaljade crystalis crystalrare crystaland crystalnot crystaloften crystalseen crystalin crystala crystallarge crystalpiece. crystalI crystaltried crystalto crystaltake crystala crystalpicture crystalwith crystallight crystalbehind crystalit crystalto crystalshow crystalhow crystaltranslucent crystalit crystalis, crystalbut crystalit crystalis crystalblurry- crystalwell, crystalyou crystalcan crystalsee crystalgood crystaldetail crystalin crystalthe crystalother crystalphotos. crystalQuarter crystalfor crystalscale.

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