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Measurements:Length: native american1 native american1/2 native americaninchesWidth: native american1/4 native americaninchThese native americancute native americanearrings native americanwere native americanhandmade native americanby native americanme. native americanI native americanused native americantiny native americanlittle native americanTardis native americanbeads, native americanmini native americanwedding native americanring, native americanwhite native americanbeads native americanfor native americanthe native americanlight native americanon native americantop native american& native americansurgical native americansteel native american(nickel native americanfree) native americanear native americanhooks.My native americanShop: native americanhttp://ndnchick. native americanMore native americanEarrings: native american native americanhttps://www./shop/ndnchick?ref=hdr_shop_menu§ion_id=20002581

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