Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, Big Chunk of Red Coral Necklace with Leather cord and magnetic clasp Gift under 20 Holiday gift



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This funkybig funkychunk funkyof funkyRed funkyCoral funkyis funkyaccented funkyby funkyBlack funkyOnyx, funkylarge funkysilver funkycolored funkybeads funkyand funkyTurquoise funkybeads. funky funkyStrung funkyon funkywire funkyand funkythen funkyattached funkyto funkya funkyleather funkycord. funkyMagnetic funkyclasp funkymakes funkyfor funkyeasy funkyon funkyand funkyoff. funkyAlmost funky20 funkyinches funkylong, funkyit funkyrests funkyjust funkyabove funkyyour funkycollar funkybone.Custom funkylengths funkyare funkyavailable funkyplease funkyconvo funkyme funkywith funkyyour funkylength!

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