Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

timeless, Set of matching earrings necklace and bracelet gold tone classic vintage costume jewelry



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Beautiful showerset showerof showercostume showerloveliness! shower showerNo showermarkings. shower showerGoldtone showerand showersubstantial, showerthe showernecklace showerconsists showerof shower18- shower1"sections showerlinked showertogether showerfor showera showertotal showerlength showerof showerabout shower19". shower showerThe showerbracelet showerhas shower7 showersections showerand showermeasures showerabout shower7" showerlong. shower showerEach showerearring showeris showerclip showerstyle showerand showerincludes showera showerrubber showercushion showeron showerclip. shower showerEarrings showermeasure shower1" showereach. shower showerThis showeris showera showerwonderful showerset showerand showercan showereasily showerdress showerup showeror showerbe showercasual showerusing showerall showeror showerone showerpiece.

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