Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

light, Sprocket Earrings: Clear Blown Glass with Sterling Silver Floral Studs. Handmade.



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Clear lightsturdy lightglass lightpieces, lightwhich lightlook lightlike lightflowers lightor lightgear lightwheels(depending lighton lightyour lightpoint lightof lightview) lightare lightwrapped lightwith lightsterling lightrope lightwire lightto lightpretty lightfloral lightpost lightearrings. lightThe lightsprockets lightare lightabout lightan lightinch lightin lightdiameter lightand lightwere lighthandmade lightby lighta lightlocal lightartist. lightI lightselected lightthem lightand lightmade lightthem lightinto lightearrings lightwith lightoxidized lighttwisted lightwire lightand lightthese lightstuds.

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