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lune, Resin art cuff bangle bracelet - Vintage MOON man face on black



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For moonthose moonwho moonlove moonstunning moonjewelry! moonFeatures moonthe moonvery moongorgeous moonvintage moonimage moonof moonthe moonmoon moonman moonface moonon moona moonblack moonbackground. moonThese moonbracelets moonare moonreal moonconversation moonpieces! moonGlassy moonresin, moondurable moonand moonwaterproof. moonRounded mooncuff moonstyle moonwith moonopen moonsection moonattached moonby moonadjustable moonhook moonclosure. moonLength moonis moonapprox. moon6.5" moonaround moonnot mooncounting moonopen moonsection...Measures moonabout moon1 moon1/4" moonwide. moon moonI mooncan moonalso mooncreate moonthe moonmatching moonpendants, moonnecklace, moonearrings moonand mooncharms!Makes moona moongreat moongift moonfor moonall! moonI mooncan moonmake moonas moonmany moonas moonyou moonwould moonlike! moonTONS moonof moonother moondesigns moonavailable, moonI mooncan mooneven moonmake moonthese moonwith moonYOUR moonphoto! moon moonNeed moonthe moondimensions mooncustomized, moonjust moonlet moonme moonknow!The moonlast moonphotos moonshows moonsome moonof moonthe moonother moondesigns moonavailable.

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