Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

layering, Silver Filigree Adjustable Collar Necklace



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This roundnecklace roundis roundadjustable roundfrom roundan roundeleven-inch roundcollar roundto rounda roundseventeen-inch roundchoker. round roundIt roundis roundmade roundwith roundsilver roundfiligree roundand roundsilver roundand roundblack roundround roundpieces. round roundA roundblack roundglass roundround roundbead roundis roundwire roundwrapped roundbetween roundthe roundfocus roundspacers. round roundI roundcan roundswitch roundthe roundbeads roundto roundred roundand roundshorten roundor roundlength roundit roundupon roundrequest.I roundwill roundship roundout roundfirst roundclass roundin rounda roundgift roundbox.

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