Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Dragon green braceletbracelet green bracelet- green braceletGreen green braceletand green braceletBlack green braceletbeaded green braceletdragon green bracelethead green braceletbracelet green braceletFaceted green braceletgreen green braceletglass green braceletrondelles green braceletand green braceletblack green braceletglass green braceletdisks green braceletare green braceletfinished green braceletwith green braceleta green braceletgorgeous green braceletTibetan green braceletsilver green braceletdragon green bracelethead green braceletholding green braceleta green bracelettoggle green braceletclasp green braceletin green braceletits green braceletmouth. green braceletApproximately green bracelet19cm green bracelet/ green bracelet7.5 green braceletinch green braceletlong.Handmade, green braceletin green braceletstock green braceletand green braceletready green braceletto green braceletship

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