Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Abstract Mid Century MODERN Necklacedanish modern, Vintage 60's Silvertone PENDANT



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This danish modernfun danish modernto danish modernwear danish modernMod danish modernsilver danish modernpendant danish modernhas danish moderna danish modernscrolled, danish modernabstract danish moderndesign. danish modernThe danish modernround danish modernpendant danish modernis danish modernnot danish modernsterling, danish modernbut danish modernhas danish modernthe danish modernlook danish modernof danish modernantiqued danish modernsilver danish modernor danish modernpewter. danish modernMeasures danish modern2 danish modern1/4" danish moderndiameter. danish modernIt danish modernis danish moderna danish modernheavy danish moderncast danish modernpiece, danish modernwith danish moderna danish modern20" danish modernchain. danish modernGreat danish moderngroovy, danish modernmodernist danish moderndesign!

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