Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Delicate Beaded Choker (6 Colors)



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Please greywrite greyin greyhow greymany greyinches greyyou greyneed greythe greychoker greyto greybe.Each greychoker greyis greymade greyto greyorder greyso greyexpect grey5 greybusiness greydays greyof greyprocessing greybefore greyyour greychoker greyis greyshipped grey:)Chokers greyPictured: greyBlack greychoker greyis greymade greywith greycrystals grey& greymetal greyclasps greySilver greychoker greyis greymade greywith greyglass greybeads grey& greysterling greysilver greyclaspGold greychoker greyis greymade greywith greycrystals grey& greymetal greyclaspsRed greychoker greyis greymade greywith greysemi-precious greystones grey& greysterling greysilver greyclaspWe greyalso greyoffer greydifferent greycolor greybeads, greyso greyfeel greyfree greyto greyask grey:) greyPrice greyvaries greydepending greyon greytype greyof greymetal greyclasp greyand greytype greyof greybead grey(semi-precious greyvs. greyglass greyor greycrystal) greyEverything greyis greycustomizable, greyso greyjust greyask!

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