Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

polymer clay, Pin brooch pendant necklace Round circle polymer clay iridescent blue green colors faux rock opal sterling silver beads black white elements



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Pin greenbrooch greenor greenpendant, greenthis greenpiece greenis greena greenfun, greensmall, greenartsy, greenone greenof greena greenkind greenpiece greenthat greenis greena greenpin greenbrooch greenand greencan greenalso greenbe greenworn greenas greena greenpendant. green greenIt greenalso greenhas greenblack greenand greenwhite greensquiggle greenand greenelements greengoing greenover greena greenfaux greenboulder greenopal greensurface. green greenInlaid greensterling greensilver greenbeads. greenIt's greenone greenof greenmy greenpieces greencombining greenpolymer greenclay greenand greeniridescent greenmediums. greenThis greenpiece greendefinitely greenwill greenget greennoticed, greenwith greenit's greenbeautiful greencolors greenand greensquiggle, greenit's greenreally greenfun greenand greenunique!Polymer greenclay greenand greeniridescent greenmediums, greenthe greenback greenpin greenhardware greenis greenbase greenmetal green greenIt greenis greenapproximately green1.4" green green37mm. green greenThe greenbail greenfor greena greenchain greenis greenpolymer, greenplease greennote greenthat greenas greena greenpendant greenit greendoes greennot greenlay greenperfectly greenflat greensince greenthere greenis greenthe greenpin greenand greenbail greenare greenraised, greenbut greenit greendoes greensit greennicely greenwhen greenworn. green green greenMedium greenweight greenbead greenball greenchain greenwith greenlobster greenclaw greenclasp greencan greenbe greenincluded greenfor greenan greenadditional green$20PAYPAL greenpayment greenis greenpreferred greenupon greencheck greenout. greenShipping greenis greenfree greenin greenthe greenUSA\u00a92017 greenLiz greenHall greenLizard's greenJewelryThe greenArtist greenreserves greenall greenreproduction greenrights. greenNo greenwork greenmay greenbe greenreproduced greenin greenany greenmanner greenwhatsoever greenwith greenout greenexpress, greenwritten greenconsent greenof greenthe greenArtist.

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