Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

micro beads, Grey Moonstone Natural micro Faceted Beads rondelle 2.5mm to 3.25 mm Sold per 13inch strand AAA Quality



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You greywill greyget grey1 greyfull greystrand greyof grey14 greyinches greymicro greyfaceted greyGrey greymoonstone greyrondelleProduct greyname: greyGrey greymoonstoneSize greyof greyeach greystone greyin greya greystrand: grey2.5mm greyto grey3.25 greymm greyLength greyof greya greystrand: grey13 greyinches greylong greyShape greyof greyeach greystone greyin greya greystrand: greyMicro greyFaceted greyrondelle greygem greystonesMaterial: greysemi-precious greystones, greyCut grey& greypolished greyin greyIndia grey100% greynatural grey& greygenuineWe greytake greyorder greywork greyas greywell. greyFeel greyfree greyto greycontact greyfor greypurchasing greygoods greyin greybulk.We greyare greyWholesaler grey& greymanufacturers greyof greysemi-precious grey& greyprecious greygemstones, greyLoose greyGemstones greyBeads, greyCabochon, greyCut greyGemstone greyBeads, greyChips, greyUN-Cut greyBeads greyand greySterling greySilver greyJewelry greyetc.

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