Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Stud Stick Earrings - Stick Earrings on a Post - Available in 14k Gold Fillstick earring, 14k Rose Gold Fill or Sterling Silver



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Stud stickStick stickEarrings stick- stickStick stickEarrings stickon sticka stickPost stick- stickAvailable stickin stick14k stickGold stickFill, stick14k stickRose stickGold stickFill stickor stickSterling stickSilverClassy, stickfeminine stickand stickedgy, stickthese stickstick stickearrings stickare stickour sticknew stickfavorite. stickAvailable stickin stickthree sticklengths stickand stickthree stickmetals, stickyou'll stickeasily stickfind stickthe stickcombination stickthat's stickright stickfor stickyou!Approximate sticklengths...Small stick- stick1"Medium stick- stick2"Large stick- stick3"Metals...14k stickGold stickFill14k stickRose stickGold stickFillSterling stickSilverHandmade stickwith sticklove stickin stickthe stickUSA stickusing stickall stickrecycled stickmetals.

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