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costume jewelry, BRASS Tone Art Nouveau Style Pin / 1940's Victorian Revival FEATHER Brooch



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This 1940s broochunique, 1940s broochArt 1940s broochNouveau 1940s broochstyle 1940s broochpiece 1940s broochis 1940s broochwonderfully 1940s broochmade 1940s broochof 1940s broochbrass 1940s broochtone 1940s broochmetal 1940s broochwith 1940s broocha 1940s broochfeather 1940s broochdesign. 1940s broochFrom 1940s broochthe 1940s broochearly 1940s brooch1940s 1940s broochwhen 1940s broochthere 1940s broochwas 1940s broocha 1940s broochVictorian 1940s broochrevival.It 1940s broochhas 1940s broocha 1940s broochworking 1940s broochsafety 1940s broochclasp 1940s broochon 1940s broochthe 1940s broochback. 1940s broochWonderfully 1940s broochshowing 1940s broochit's 1940s broochantique 1940s broochage 1940s broochwith 1940s broochsome 1940s broochpatina 1940s broochon 1940s broochthe 1940s broochback 1940s broochand 1940s broochonly 1940s broochslight 1940s broochedge 1940s broochwear 1940s broochon 1940s broochthe 1940s broochfront. 1940s broochI 1940s broochlove 1940s broochthis 1940s broochpiece. 1940s broochIt's 1940s broochgreat 1940s broochfor 1940s broocha 1940s broochmen's 1940s broochor 1940s broochwomen's 1940s broochSteampunk 1940s broochstyle 1940s broochoutfit!Measures 1940s brooch2 1940s brooch1/2" 1940s broochacross 1940s broochand 1940s brooch2" 1940s broochin 1940s broochheight.

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