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freshwater pearls, THAI Silver and PEARL EARRINGS - Hallmarked - Sterling Silver - Coin Pearls



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ESTATE flower earringsVINTAGE flower earrings flower earringsSTERLING flower earringsTHAI flower earringsSILVER flower earringsEARRINGS flower earringsWITH flower earringsPEARL flower earringsDISK flower earringsDROPSGoddessandco flower earringsis flower earringspleased flower earringsto flower earringsoffer flower earringsfor flower earringssale flower earringsthese flower earringssweet flower earringsSterling flower earringsSilver flower earringsThai flower earringsFlower flower earringsand flower earringsFreshwater flower earringsand flower earringsPearl flower earringsDrop flower earringsEarrings flower earringswith flower earringssterling flower earringssilver flower earringspost flower earringsbacks. flower earringsThese flower earringsfresh flower earringsand flower earringslovely flower earringspearls flower earringshave flower earringsnatural flower earringsluster flower earringsand flower earringsenhance flower earringsthe flower earringspristine flower earringstextured flower earringsThai flower earringssilver flower earringsflowers. flower earringsThe flower earringspearls flower earringsand flower earringsthe flower earringssilver flower earringsnicely flower earringscontrast flower earringseach flower earringsother.Hallmarked flower earringsand flower earringspristine!SIZE: flower earrings1 flower earringsand flower earrings1/4 flower earringsinches flower earringslongMEASUREMENT: flower earringsFlowers flower earringsare flower earrings12 flower earringsmm flower earringsin flower earringsdiameter, flower earringspearl flower earringsdisks flower earringsare flower earrings15 flower earringsmm flower earringsin flower earringsdiameter. flower earringsWEIGHT:17.71 flower earringstotal flower earringsgram flower earringsweightA flower earringslovely flower earringsgift!

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