Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1920s, Antique Art Deco Egyptian Revival Glass Necklace c.1920



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Antique egyptian revivalEgyptian egyptian revivalRevival egyptian revivalPendant egyptian revivalnecklace egyptian revivalwith egyptian revivalenameled egyptian revivalImage egyptian revivalof egyptian revivalKing egyptian revivalTut egyptian revivalwith egyptian revivalthe egyptian revivalwords egyptian revival"TUT egyptian revivalANK egyptian revivalKAMUN egyptian revival". egyptian revivalIt egyptian revivalis egyptian revivalmade egyptian revivalof egyptian revivalhigh egyptian revivalquality egyptian revivalred egyptian revivaland egyptian revivalblack egyptian revivalglass. egyptian revivalThe egyptian revivalpendant egyptian revivalis egyptian revivalframed egyptian revivalin egyptian revivalSterling egyptian revivalsilver egyptian revivalfiligree egyptian revivalwith egyptian revivalMarcasite egyptian revivalstones egyptian revivalthroughout. egyptian revivalA egyptian revivalwonderful egyptian revivalexample egyptian revivalof egyptian revivalArt egyptian revivalDeco egyptian revivalEgyptian egyptian revivalRevival egyptian revivaljewelry. egyptian revivalAbout egyptian revival27" egyptian revivalin egyptian revivaltotal egyptian revivallength. egyptian revivalPendant egyptian revivalmeasures egyptian revival1 egyptian revival1/2"x egyptian revival1"Excellent egyptian revivalantique egyptian revivalcondition egyptian revivalShipping egyptian revivalis egyptian revivalcomplementary egyptian revivalin egyptian revivalthe egyptian revivalUnited egyptian revivalStates

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