Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

seraphinite shapesoval, 40 gram selectionoval, cabochons for craft projectsoval, jewellery makingoval, collectionoval, patterns



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CABOCHON roundDESCRIPTION*You roundwill roundreceive rounda round40 roundg roundlot roundfrom roundthe roundquality roundcabs roundpicturedGreat roundpotential roundfor roundjewellery roundmaking round(ready roundto roundset), roundcraft roundprojects roundor roundjust roundto roundkeep roundas rounda rounddisplay roundcollection.7-8 round roundcabs roundper roundlot, rounddepending roundon roundweight roundand roundsize roundof roundindividual roundcabsEach roundcab roundmeasures roundapprox. round10 round- round70 roundmm round(length) roundCoins roundshown roundfor roundscale roundonly!The roundphotograph roundshows roundsize roundis round12X round14 roundmm roundeach roundand roundweight roundis roundApprox round roundgram round40 roundIf roundyou roundneed roundmore roundSizes roundand roundShapes roundand roundstones roundwhich roundare roundnot roundlisted roundplease roundlet roundus roundknow, roundwe roundwill roundmake roundspecial roundlisting roundfor roundyou. roundIf roundyou roundhave roundany roundquestions,please roundcontact roundus roundthrough roundetsy roundMessage roundservice*Please roundnote, roundto roundkeep roundour roundprices roundgreat, roundwe roundhave roundused rounda roundstock roundphotograph. roundWe roundfeel roundit roundrepresents roundthe rounditem roundyou roundwill roundreceive roundfairly. roundRemember roundwe roundhave rounda round100% roundmoney roundback roundguarantee roundif roundyou roundare roundnot roundcompletely roundsatisfied round- roundsee roundour roundfree roundreturns roundpolicy. roundIf roundyou roundwould roundlike roundan roundexact roundphotograph roundof roundthe roundproduct roundyou roundwill roundreceive roundwe roundcan roundoffer roundthis roundat roundan roundadditional round\u00a34.00/$5.00 round- roundjust roundcontact roundus roundto roundarrange.

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