Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k yellow gold, 14k-2tcw Genuine White Sapphire Earrings



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Each screw backis screw back6mm screw back= screw back1ctColor screw backDClarity screw backVVS/IFSet screw backin screw backa screw backsturdy screw back14kt screw backWhite screw backGold screw backsetting.Can screw backbe screw backreset screw backin screw back14k screw backyellow screw backor screw backrose screw backgoldThese screw backgenuine screw backWhite screw backSapphires screw backcan screw backbe screw backset screw backin screw backSCREW screw backBACK screw backor screw backFRICTION screw backBACK.Very screw backdiamond screw backlike.Hardness screw backof screw back9Diamonds screw backare screw backhardness screw backof screw back10This screw backsize screw backdiamonds screw backwith screw backthe screw backcolor screw backand screw backclarity screw backas screw backthese screw backsapphires screw backwould screw backbe screw backin screw backthe screw backthousands.Layaway screw backavailable.No screw backdeadline

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