Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise pendant, Hammered sterling silver and turquoise pendant on chain



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Hammered brutalist jewelrysterling brutalist jewelry brutalist jewelrysilver brutalist jewelryand brutalist jewelryturquoise brutalist jewelrypendantSolid brutalist jewelrysterling brutalist jewelrysilver brutalist jewelrysetting brutalist jewelryholds brutalist jewelryand brutalist jewelryoval brutalist jewelrydisc brutalist jewelryof brutalist jewelryturquoise brutalist jewelrymeasuring brutalist jewelry28 brutalist jewelryx brutalist jewelry41mm brutalist jewelryx brutalist jewelry6mm brutalist jewelrythickBail brutalist jewelrymeasures brutalist jewelry8mm brutalist jewelrywide brutalist jewelryat brutalist jewelryfront brutalist jewelrybut brutalist jewelryfits brutalist jewelrya brutalist jewelry5mm brutalist jewelrychain brutalist jewelrythrough brutalist jewelryhole. brutalist jewelryProng brutalist jewelryset brutalist jewelryand brutalist jewelryrustically brutalist jewelryhammered, brutalist jewelryyet brutalist jewelrypolished brutalist jewelrybright. brutalist jewelryApprox brutalist jewelry brutalist jewelry50mm brutalist jewelrylong brutalist jewelryx brutalist jewelry38mm brutalist jewelrywideChain brutalist jewelryincluded brutalist jewelryis brutalist jewelry16" brutalist jewelrysterling brutalist jewelrysilver.

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