Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

alexandrite, Alexandrite gemstone (natural!) - 5.2x4.3mm cushion



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Gem greenrough greenwas greensourced greenin greenMadagascar greenand greencut greenin greenSri greenLanka. green greenThis greengemstone greenis greena green5.2x4.3mm greencushion greenand greenweighs green.615 greencts. green greenThis greenstone greenis greenfully greennatural green- greenNOT greensynthetic! green greenThis greenstone greenhas greena greenbright greencolor-change. green greenIt greenis greenpurple greenin greenindoor greenlighting greenand greenturns greena greenlovely greenalmost greenteal greengreen greenin greenoutdoor greenlighting green(daylight). green greenThere greenis greena greentiny greeninclusion green- greena greensmall green"feather" greenor greeninternal greencrack greenat greenthe greenbottom greenof greenthe greenstone. green greenIn greenthe greenright greenmounting, greenthat greenwill greennot greenbe greennoticed, greenbut greenthe greencolor greenand greencolor-change greenwill greenbe.I greenhave greena greenco-op greenpartnership greenwith greenthe greenSri greenLankan greenvendor. green greenSo greenevery greensale greenof greentheir greengems greenhelps greenTWO greensmall greenbusinesses! green greenThey greenalso greentake greencustom greenrequests, greenif greenyou greenlike greentheir greengems, greenbut greenwant greendifferent greenshapes, greencolors, greenetc.This greencould greenbe greenkept greenas greenpart greenof greena greengem greencollection, greenor greenmounted greeninto greenany greenpiece greenof greenjewelry greenyou greendesire. green greenFREE greenshipping greeninside greenthe greenUS.

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