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faux pearls, Vintage 1960s Enameled Metal Flower Earrings with Faux Pearls



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\u2022Vintage flower power1960s flower poweradorable flower powerorange flower powerenameled flower powerflowered flower powerearrings flower powerwith flower powerfaux flower powerpearls, flower powerscrew flower powerbacks. flower powerMeasure flower power1 flower powerinch flower powerby flower power1 flower powerinch, flower powerunsigned\t\u2022\tExcellent flower powerCondition flower powerShipping flower powerweight flower poweris flower power0.6 flower powerpound. flower powerPlease flower powerpay flower powerat flower powertime flower powerof flower powerpurchaseIf flower poweryou're flower powerin flower powerthe flower powerNYC flower powerarea, flower poweryou flower powercan flower powercome flower powerto flower powermy flower powerWilliamsburg flower powerspace, flower powerand flower powersave flower poweron flower powershipping flower powerby flower powerpicking flower powerit flower powerup.Please flower powerfollow flower power flower powerVintage flower powerArcana flower poweron flower powerPinterest flower power& flower powerTwitter.Returns:All flower powersales flower powerare flower powerfinal flower powerunless flower powerthe flower poweritem flower poweris flower powersignificantly flower powermisrepresented. flower powerWe flower powerare flower powervery flower powercareful flower powerin flower powertaking flower powermeasurements flower powerand flower powerdescribing flower poweritems flower powerbut flower poweroccasionally flower powermiss flower powersomething. flower powerPlease flower powercheck flower powermeasurements flower powercarefully, flower powerwe flower powerdon't flower powernot flower poweraccept flower powerreturns flower powerif flower powerthe flower poweritem flower powerdoesn't flower powerfit.CONDITION flower powerDESCRIPTIONHere flower poweris flower powera flower powerbrief flower powerdefinition flower powerof flower powerthe flower powerstandard flower powerterms flower powerthat flower powerwe flower poweruse flower powerto flower powerdescribe flower powercondition: flower powerMint: flower powerNever flower powerworn flower poweror flower powerused, flower powerlike flower powernew, flower powerno flower powerflaws.Excellent: flower powerHas flower powerbeen flower powerworn, flower powerbut flower powerno flower powervisible flower powerflaws.Very flower powerGood: flower powerOnly flower powerthe flower powerslightest flower powersigns flower powerof flower powerwear, flower powerminor flower powerflaws flower powerdescribed flower powerin flower powerlistingGood: flower powerVery flower powerWearable, flower powerwith flower powerminor flower powerflaws flower powerand flower powershows flower powersome flower powerwearFair: flower powerWearable, flower powerwith flower powersignificant flower powerflaws, flower poweralso flower powergood flower powerfor flower powerpatterns flower poweror flower powerdesign flower powerinspiration

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