Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

6*4 mm 5 ct Natural heated blue sapphirenatural, good cut & qualitynatural, Pear n Oval shapenatural, loose gemstone AAA quality Ss031



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6*4 naturalmm natural5 naturalct naturalNatural naturalheated naturalblue naturalsapphire, naturalgood naturalcut natural& naturalquality, naturalPear natural& naturalOval naturalshape, naturalloose naturalgemstone naturalAAA naturalquality naturalSS031Stone natural natural natural natural natural: naturalBlue naturalsapphire natural(heated)Weight natural natural natural: natural5 naturalctShape natural natural natural natural: naturalPear natural natural& naturalOval naturalshapeColor natural natural natural natural natural natural: naturalBlueSize natural natural natural natural natural natural natural natural: natural6*4 naturalmm5 naturalct naturalis naturala naturalpart naturalof naturallot natural.If naturalyou naturalwant naturalto naturalbuy naturalany naturalother naturalSizes naturaland naturalShapes naturaln natural naturalquantity naturalof naturallot naturaland naturalany naturalprecious naturaln naturalsemiprecious naturalstones naturalplease naturallet naturalus naturalknow. naturalPAYMENT naturalPOLICY natural:-PayPal naturaland naturalBank naturalTransferSHIPPING natural:-Item naturalwill naturalbe naturalshipped naturalwithin natural3 naturalworking naturaldays naturalof naturalpayment naturalreceived.FEEDBACK natural:-Your naturalfeedback naturalis naturalvery naturalimportant naturalto naturalgrow naturalour naturalbusiness.For naturalany naturalquery naturalplease naturalfeel naturalfree naturalto naturalcontact naturalus. naturalemail naturalid natural natural:poojacollectionjewels natural[!at]

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