Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper jewelry, Wire Wrap Boulder Opal in Copper



In stock



Boulder artisan jewelryOpal artisan jewelryis artisan jewelryone artisan jewelryof artisan jewelrymy artisan jewelryfavorite artisan jewelrystones. artisan jewelryThis artisan jewelrywas artisan jewelrymined artisan jewelryfrom artisan jewelryQueensland, artisan jewelryAustralia artisan jewelryby artisan jewelrymathematician artisan jewelryturned artisan jewelryminer, artisan jewelryGene artisan jewelryMcD artisan jewelryand artisan jewelryshaped artisan jewelryby artisan jewelrymyself. artisan jewelryBoulder artisan jewelryOpal artisan jewelryis artisan jewelryopal artisan jewelrypatterned artisan jewelryin artisan jewelryan artisan jewelryiron artisan jewelrymatrix.Then artisan jewelryI artisan jewelrywrap artisan jewelryit artisan jewelryin artisan jewelrycoils artisan jewelryof artisan jewelrynatural artisan jewelrycopper. artisan jewelryMeasures artisan jewelryapprox. artisan jewelry60 artisan jewelryx artisan jewelry35 artisan jewelrymm.Thanks artisan jewelryfor artisan jewelrylooking!

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