Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Brass cast Lucanus stag beetle with genuine rock crystal pointsrustic, heavy textured chainrustic, 20"



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Cast fantasyand fantasyfinished fantasyby fantasyhand fantasyin fantasysolid fantasybrass, fantasythis fantasypiece fantasyis fantasymade fantasyfrom fantasya fantasymold fantasyof fantasya fantasyreal fantasystag fantasybeetle fantasyhead. fantasyI fantasyhave fantasyadded fantasyrock fantasycrystal fantasypoints fantasyfor fantasya fantasyfantastic fantasyfeel, fantasyand fantasyto fantasyecho fantasymy fantasylove fantasyof fantasynatural fantasyhistory fantasyin fantasyanimal fantasyand fantasymineral fantasyforms. fantasyI've fantasywire-wrapped fantasya fantasythick fantasyvintage fantasytextured fantasychain fantasyonto fantasythe fantasypendant fantasyfor fantasycontrast. fantasyThis fantasynecklace fantasyis fantasy20" fantasylong fantasyand fantasyrests fantasyat fantasythe fantasybreastbone fantasyas fantasyshown. fantasyPendant fantasyis fantasyabout fantasy2" fantasyTop fantasyto fantasybottom fantasyand fantasya fantasylittle fantasyover fantasy fantasy1" fantasywide.

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