Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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CABOCHON ovalDESCRIPTION*You ovalwill ovalreceive ovala oval40 ovalg ovallot ovalfrom ovalthe ovalquality ovalcabs ovalpicturedGreat ovalpotential ovalfor ovaljewellery ovalmaking oval(ready ovalto ovalset), ovalcraft ovalprojects ovalor ovaljust ovalto ovalkeep ovalas ovala ovaldisplay ovalcollection.7-8 oval ovalcabs ovalper ovallot, ovaldepending ovalon ovalweight ovaland ovalsize ovalof ovalindividual ovalcabsEach ovalcab ovalmeasures ovalapprox. oval10 oval- oval70 ovalmm oval(length) ovalCoins ovalshown ovalfor ovalscale ovalonly!All ovalsizes ovalin ovalthis ovalphotograph ovalis ovalbigger ovalthan oval35 ovalmmIf ovalyou ovalneed ovalmore ovalSizes ovaland ovalShapes ovaland ovalstones ovalwhich ovalare ovalnot ovallisted ovalplease ovallet ovalus ovalknow, ovalwe ovalwill ovalmake ovalspecial ovallisting ovalfor ovalyou. ovalIf ovalyou ovalhave ovalany ovalquestions,please ovalcontact ovalus ovalthrough ovaletsy ovalMessage ovalservice*Please ovalnote, ovalto ovalkeep ovalour ovalprices ovalgreat, ovalwe ovalhave ovalused ovala ovalstock ovalphotograph. ovalWe ovalfeel ovalit ovalrepresents ovalthe ovalitem ovalyou ovalwill ovalreceive ovalfairly. ovalRemember ovalwe ovalhave ovala oval100% ovalmoney ovalback ovalguarantee ovalif ovalyou ovalare ovalnot ovalcompletely ovalsatisfied oval- ovalsee ovalour ovalfree ovalreturns ovalpolicy. ovalIf ovalyou ovalwould ovallike ovalan ovalexact ovalphotograph ovalof ovalthe ovalproduct ovalyou ovalwill ovalreceive ovalwe ovalcan ovaloffer ovalthis ovalat ovalan ovaladditional oval\u00a34.00/$5.00 oval- ovaljust ovalcontact ovalus ovalto ovalarrange.

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