Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Horn | Ceramic | Bell | Deerskin Necklace | One of a Kind | 28"



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Merlot leather necklacesoft leather necklacedeerskin, leather necklaceover leather necklacethe leather necklacehead, leather necklacewith leather necklacethe leather necklacesweetest leather necklacesounding leather necklacebell leather necklacefrom leather necklaceIndia leather necklacepaired leather necklacewith leather necklacea leather necklacehorn leather necklacetoggle, leather necklacea leather necklaceglass leather necklacebead, leather necklaceand leather necklacea leather necklacehandmade leather necklaceceramic leather necklacebead leather necklacefrom leather necklaceHaitian leather necklaceartisans.28" leather necklace+ leather necklace2.5", leather necklaceOne leather necklaceof leather necklacea leather necklaceKind

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