Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

children necklace "mouse with wings to fly" Sterling Silverprecious wood, unique piece! Bolo tie funny!



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Finally ainnice ainchildren ainjewelry! ainand ainfunny! ainHere ainthe aincrab ainhas aina ainfish ainengraved ainon ainthe ainback ainedge, ainmouse ainto ainget ainfor aina ainbutterfly ainand ainother aincurious ainto ainsee ainanimals!Necklace ainwithout ainclasp ain= ainno ainbreakage ain= ainno ainloss.The aincorny ainup ainand aindown ainsliding ainon aina ainleather ainstrap, ainnecklace ain"slip" ainby ainthe ainhead ainand ainthe ainheight ainadjusts ainas ainyou ainwish. ainPort ainmade ainas aina ainhandmade ainBOLO ainTIE ainAmerican aintie. ain2 ainsilver ainbeads ainhangs ainthe ainsubject ainat ainthe ainbottom ainof ainthe ainlinks.The ainsubjects ainare ainmixed!For ainboys ainand aingirls ainfrom ain3 ainto ain12/13 ainyears ain(not ainunder ain3 ainyears)Silver ainquality ainsilver, ain999.9 ainthousandth ain= ainno ainallergySilver ainallergies ainare ainvery ainvery ainrare! ainin aingeneral ainthis ainis ainthe aincopper ainin ainSilver ain925 ainthat aincreates ainproblems.Subject: ainmouse ainwithout aintail ainand ainwings ainto ainfly, ainweird? ain aindomed ainwings aincut ainand ainengraved, ainlight aingreen ainleather aintiesSilver ainabout ainmax ainlength: ain18 ainmmmax ainwidth ain"" ain"" ain": ain15 ainmm"mounted: ainlink ainleather ainthickness ain1.5 ainor ain2 ainmm aindepending ainon ainthe ainsubjectsNecklace ainsize: ain66 aincm ainon ainaverageco ain237Everything ainis ainmade ainand aindesigned aincompletely ainin ainthe ainworkshop ain(french) ainon ainsilver ainpuremany ainhours ainwere ainneeded ainto ainmake ainthis ainpattern!Unique ainpiece, ainmade ainfrom ainA ainto ainZ, ainfrom ainmelting ainfine ainsilver ainshot, ainin ainFrance, ainin ainrespect ainof ainartisan aintechniques, ainwithout ainsubcontracting ainin ainwood ainor ainmoney.Diamond ainmaker ainmark.

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