Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

circle, Ebony wood Amulet with silver inlaid eight sided lotus design



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Ebony amuletwood amuletcircular amuletamulet amuletwith amuletan amuleteight amuletsided amuletlotus amuletflower amuletdesign amuletinlaid amuletwith amuletsilver amuletwire amuletdots amuletof amuletvarying amuletsizes. amuletThe amuletwood amuletis amuletfinely amuletsanded amuletthen amuletoiled amuletto amuletgive amuleta amuletvery amuletsmooth amulettouch.The amuletpiece amuletis amuletconvex amuleton amuletboth amuletsides. amuletThe amuletdesign amuletis amuleton amuletthe amulettop amuletside. amuletThe amuletdiameter amuletis amulet6cm.This amuletpiece amuletcan amuletbe amuletsold amuletas amuletan amuletamulet amuletor amuletturned amuletinto amuleta amuletpendant amuletwith amuleta amuletnecklace amuletof amuletchain, amuletwire amuletor amuletchord amuletat amuletan amuletextra amuletcost.This amuletpiece amuletcan amuletbe amuletmade amuletin amuleta amuletvariety amuletof amuletwoods amuletand amuletinlaid amuletdesigns amuletin amuletdifferent amuletmetals. amuletI amuletwelcome amuletcommissions.

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