Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Leather bracelet with blue glass bead in a silver setting7 inch bracelet, 3/4" wide leather bracelet adjustable from 7" to 8" with snaps



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Leather cuff braceletbraceletLeather cuff braceletbracelet cuff braceletwith cuff braceleta cuff braceletblue cuff braceletglass cuff braceletbead cuff braceletin cuff braceleta cuff braceletsilver cuff braceletsetting3/4" cuff braceletwide cuff braceletleather cuff braceletbraceletadjustable cuff braceletfrom cuff bracelet7" cuff braceletto cuff bracelet8" cuff braceletwith cuff braceletsnaps cuff braceletBracelet cuff braceletis cuff braceletcowhide cuff braceletleatherArtisan cuff braceletCrafted cuff braceletin cuff braceletUSAReady cuff braceletto cuff braceletshipShipping cuff braceletwithin cuff braceletthe cuff braceletUSA cuff braceletvia cuff braceletUSPS cuff braceletwith cuff braceletDelivery cuff braceletConfirmation

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