Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blueprint, Laser-cut Mid Century house necklace by Tiny Scenic | Architectural blueprint necklace



In stock



Laser-cut geometric jewelryMid geometric jewelryCentury geometric jewelryhouse geometric jewelrynecklace geometric jewelrydesigned geometric jewelryby geometric jewelryTiny geometric jewelryScenic.One geometric jewelryof geometric jewelryfive geometric jewelrydesigns geometric jewelryfrom geometric jewelryour geometric jewelrynew geometric jewelry'Blueprint geometric jewelryCollection' geometric jewelry- geometric jewelryinspired geometric jewelryby geometric jewelrythe geometric jewelrystriking geometric jewelry(and geometric jewelrysatisfying!) geometric jewelrylines geometric jewelryof geometric jewelryarchitectural geometric jewelrydrawings geometric jewelryand geometric jewelrymidcentury geometric jewelrymodern geometric jewelrydollhouses.The geometric jewelrynecklace geometric jewelryis geometric jewelrymade geometric jewelryfrom geometric jewelryperspex geometric jewelryacrylic geometric jewelryand geometric jewelrymeasures geometric jewelryapproximately geometric jewelry10cm geometric jewelryx geometric jewelry3cm. geometric jewelryYou geometric jewelrycan geometric jewelrychoose geometric jewelrybetween geometric jewelryglossy geometric jewelrywhite, geometric jewelrymatt geometric jewelryblack geometric jewelryor geometric jewelrya geometric jewelrymint geometric jewelrygreen. geometric jewelryThe geometric jewelrymint geometric jewelrygreen geometric jewelryis geometric jewelrymatt geometric jewelryon geometric jewelryone geometric jewelryside geometric jewelryand geometric jewelryglossy geometric jewelryon geometric jewelrythe geometric jewelryother.The geometric jewelrynecklace geometric jewelryis geometric jewelryavailable geometric jewelryon geometric jewelrya geometric jewelrysilver-plated geometric jewelryor geometric jewelrygold-plated geometric jewelrychain geometric jewelryfine geometric jewelrytrace geometric jewelrychain, geometric jewelrywhich geometric jewelrymeasures geometric jewelry45cm geometric jewelry(18 geometric jewelryinch) geometric jewelryand geometric jewelryis geometric jewelrysecured geometric jewelrywith geometric jewelrya geometric jewelrylobster-style geometric jewelryclasp. geometric jewelryYour geometric jewelrynecklace geometric jewelrywill geometric jewelryarrive geometric jewelrypresented geometric jewelryon geometric jewelryan geometric jewelryA6-size geometric jewelryTiny geometric jewelryScenic geometric jewelrypostcard, geometric jewelrywith geometric jewelryspace geometric jewelryto geometric jewelrywrite geometric jewelryon geometric jewelrythe geometric jewelryback geometric jewelryif geometric jewelryyou geometric jewelryare geometric jewelrygiving geometric jewelrythe geometric jewelrynecklace geometric jewelryas geometric jewelrya geometric jewelrygift geometric jewelry(postcard geometric jewelrydesigns geometric jewelrymay geometric jewelryvary).

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