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Holly holly leafearrings. holly leaf holly leafThese holly leafred holly leafand holly leafgreen holly leafChristmas holly leafearrings holly leafare holly leafhand holly leafpainted holly leafand holly leafsealed holly leafwith holly leafresin. holly leafLt. holly leafSiam holly leaf(red) holly leafand holly leafEmerald holly leafSwarovski holly leafcrystals holly leafaccent. holly leaf holly leafThese holly leafhave holly leafsterling holly leafsilver holly leafearwires holly leafand holly leafmeasure holly leaf1 holly leaf1/8 holly leafinches holly leaflong holly leaffrom holly leafthe holly leaftop holly leafof holly leafthe holly leafearwires.Our holly leafChristmas holly leafearrings holly leaffor holly leafwomen holly leafare holly leafa holly leafcustomer holly leaffavorite.

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