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rose gold, 14k Genuine White Sapphire Wedding Set



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What white golda white goldgreat white goldMix!! white gold white goldThis white goldwas white goldan white goldorder white goldfrom white golda white goldcustomer white goldthat white goldwanted white goldsomething white golddifferent.14k white goldEngagement white goldRing white goldwith white gold7mm white goldcenter white gold=1.45ct. white goldAccent white goldare white goldwhite white goldsapphire white goldas white goldwell. white gold5 white goldon white goldeach white goldside white goldmeasuring white gold1.5mm white goldeach14k white goldWedding white goldBand. white goldEach white goldsapphire white goldis white gold3mm white goldeach. white gold white gold5 white goldwhite white goldsapphires white goldin white goldall white goldon white goldband.Origin white goldof white goldsapphires: white goldSriLanka white gold(Ceylon)Genuine white goldWhite white goldSapphiresHeat white goldOnlyColor:DClarity: white goldVVS/IFThese white goldrings white goldcan white goldbe white golddone white goldin white goldyour white goldchoice white goldof white gold14k white goldwhite, white goldyellow white goldor white goldrose white goldgold. white gold18k white goldas white goldwell, white goldbut white goldprice white goldwill white golddiffer...If white goldanyone white goldask white goldif white goldthese white goldbeautiful white goldsapphires white goldare white goldreal, white goldthe white goldanswer white goldis white goldYES white goldand white goldjust white golda white goldfraction white goldof white goldthe white goldcost white goldif white goldit white goldwere white golddiamonds.Layaway white goldavailable!

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