Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 3 Ring set Genuine White Sapphire Sterling Silver



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This 7mmbeautiful 7mmSriLankan 7mmSapphire, 7mmis 7mmjust 7mmfull 7mmof 7mmlife. 7mmVery 7mmfaceted 7mmand 7mmshiny.This 7mmis 7mma 7mm7mm=1.45ct 7mmset 7mmin 7mmsterling 7mmsilver.The 7mmhardness 7mmof 7mmsapphires 7mmare 7mmnot 7mmmuch 7mmdifferent 7mmthan 7mmthe 7mmhardness 7mmof 7mma 7mmdiamond. 7mmAnd 7mma 7mma 7mmfraction 7mmof 7mmthe 7mmprice!!Diamonds 7mmare 7mma 7mm10 7mmand 7mmsapphires 7mmare 7mma 7mm9.You 7mmcan 7mmget 7mma 7mmlot 7mmmore 7mmROCK 7mmfor 7mma 7mmfraction 7mmof 7mmthe 7mmcost!The 7mmbands 7mmare 7mmwith 7mm5-3mm 7mmwhite 7mmsapphires, 7mmall 7mmperfectly 7mmmatched 7mmalso 7mmset 7mmin 7mmsterling 7mmsilver.Each 7mmband 7mmis 7mm.55ct 7mmeach.Both 7mmwedding 7mmbands 7mmand 7mmengagement 7mmring 7mmare 7mmRhodium 7mmCoated 7mmfor 7mmthe 7mm"white 7mmgold" 7mmlook 7mmand 7mmlasting 7mmshine.Made 7mmto 7mmfit 7mmyour 7mmring 7mmsize.Also 7mmsapphires 7mmcan 7mmbe 7mmset 7mmin 7mm14k 7mmor 7mm18k 7mmwhite, 7mmrose 7mmor 7mmyellow 7mmgold 7mmat 7mmthe 7mmmarket 7mmprice.Layaway 7mmavailable.

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