Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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CABOCHON ovalDESCRIPTION*You ovalwill ovalreceive ovala oval40 ovalg ovallot ovalfrom ovalthe ovalquality ovalcabs ovalpicturedGreat ovalpotential ovalfor ovaljewellery ovalmaking oval(ready ovalto ovalset), ovalcraft ovalprojects ovalor ovaljust ovalto ovalkeep ovalas ovala ovaldisplay ovalcollection.7-8 oval ovalcabs ovalper ovallot, ovaldepending ovalon ovalweight ovaland ovalsize ovalof ovalindividual ovalcabsEach ovalcab ovalmeasures ovalapprox. oval10 oval- oval70 ovalmm oval(length) ovalCoins ovalshown ovalfor ovalscale ovalonly!The ovalphotograph ovalshows ovalsize ovalis oval12 ovalX oval15 ovalmm ovaleach ovaland ovalweight ovalis ovalApprox oval40 ovalgram oval*Please ovalnote, ovalto ovalkeep ovalour ovalprices ovalgreat, ovalwe ovalhave ovalused ovala ovalstock ovalphotograph. ovalWe ovalfeel ovalit ovalrepresents ovalthe ovalitem ovalyou ovalwill ovalreceive ovalfairly. ovalRemember ovalwe ovalhave ovala oval100% ovalmoney ovalback ovalguarantee ovalif ovalyou ovalare ovalnot ovalcompletely ovalsatisfied oval- ovalsee ovalour ovalfree ovalreturns ovalpolicy. ovalIf ovalyou ovalwould ovallike ovalan ovalexact ovalphotograph ovalof ovalthe ovalproduct ovalyou ovalwill ovalreceive ovalwe ovalcan ovaloffer ovalthis ovalat ovalan ovaladditional oval\u00a34.00/$5.00 oval- ovaljust ovalcontact ovalus ovalto ovalarrange.

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