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crown, Amethyst Pendulum/Pendant Necklace



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This 925sale 925is 925fore 9251 925amethyst 925glass 925vial 925necklace 925pendant 925with 925silver 925plated 925cap. 925 925The 925pendulum/Pendant 925comes 925on 925a 925solid 925925 925Sterling 925silver 925chain. 925 925Amethyst 925is 925good 925for 925helping 925to 925regulate 925over-indulgence, 925cultivating 925compassion 925and 925opening 925and 925clearing 925the 925crown 925or 9257th 925chakra.The 925stone 925is 925contained 925in 925a 925glass 925tube, 925the 925pendant 925is 925sealed 925and 925does 925not 925open. 925 925The 925metal 925at 925the 925top 925of 925the 925pendant 925is 925silver 925plated 925probably 925over 925bronze 925or 925copper. 925 925I'm 925not 925sure 925of 925the 925base 925metal. 925 925The 925925 925sterling 925chain 925is 92518" 925if 925ordered 925on 925cord, 925it 925is 925longer 925than 925that 925and 925adjustable.. 925 925Metal 925clasps 925for 925silk 925cord 925option 925is 925 925coming 925soon! 925 925As 925of 925now, 925it 925is 925just 925loose 925cord 925that 925needs 925to 925be 925tied.

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