Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dog, DALMATION Fused Glass Necklace



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An brownimage brownof browna browndalmatian brownis brownpermanently brownfused browninto brownthe brownsurface brownof brownthe brownglass brownand brownwill brownnot brownfade brownor brownrub brownoff. brownIt brownis brownwaterproof.The brownpendant brownis brownapproximately brown1.35" brownx brown1.35" brownand brownis brownsuspended brownoff brownan brown18" brownbrown brownorganza brownribbon brownand brownthree brownstrands brownof browncords brownadjustable brownto brown19.5". brownThe brownnecklace brownis brownfinished brownwith browna brownSwarovski browncrystal brownin browna browncoordinating browncolor. brown***Can brownbe brownpurchased brownas browna brownpendant brownfor brown$20 brownto brownbe brownworn brownon browna browncord brownor browna brownchain brownof brownyour brownchoice.***

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