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Just Breathe Pendantbreathe, Circle Pendant Necklace



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Simple breathesilver breatheplated breathependant breathethat breathereads breathe"Just breatheBreathe" breatheon breathea breathe16 breatheinch breathesilver breathechain. breatheA breathegreat breathereminder breatheto breatheslow breathedown breatheand breathejust breathebe.________________________\u2665This breatheitem breatheis breathein breathestock breatheand breatheready breatheto breatheship.\u2665 breatheDo breatheyou breathelove breathethis breatheand breathewant breatheto breathebuy breathelater? breatheClick breatheon breathethe breatheheart breatheto breatheyour breatheright breathethat breathesays, breathe"Add breatheitem breatheto breathefavorites."\u2665 breatheWant breatheto breathebuy breatheit breathenow? breatheClick breathethe breathegreen breathe"Add breatheto breathecart" breathebutton.Get breathe15% breatheoff: breathe

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